German folklore tells of nutcrackers protecting homes and bringing good luck to families. Continue this tradition with your choice of nutcrackers from our own exclusive, Ulbricht, Steinbach or Kurt Adler. All are ready to protect your loved ones and perfect to add to your collection! Our exclusive line of limited-edition nutcrackers bring a piece of the annual Nutcracker performance into your home year-after-year. Ulbricht and Steinbach nutcrackers are steeped in family tradition, hand-carved and -painted creating one-of-a-kind must-haves for every collector. Kurt Adler’s nutcrackers put a “twist on tradition,” with unique, vibrant and memorable designs that are sure to provide some whimsy to your collection.

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  • Moscow Ballet's Limited Edition Nutcracker Soldier Silver Front

    Limited Edition Exclusive Character Collector Piece 12" Wooden Handpainted branded base This limited edition piece celebrates 25 years! The finely detailed wooden figure is inspired by The Nutcracker. 

  • Moscow Ballet's Classic Nutcracker Soldier Drummer Red Front

    Our Own Exclusive Character Nutcracker 12" Wooden Handpainted branded base The Nutcracker Prince is a premium Nutcracker character collector piece. He is poised to drum roll or fight his way into battle (or your living room). He stands 12-inches tall...

14 of 14 Items