Nesting Dolls

Russian nesting dolls, also known as matryoshka, are the most popular Russian souvenir gift around the world. We present to you a wide variety of authentic Russian nesting dolls that vary in design and shapes, including floral and holiday. The perfect gift for family and friends of all ages! All of our exclusive nesting dolls are hand painted and come in a variety of doll counts.

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  • Set of 5 Russian Nesting/Matryoshka Dolls handpainted with assorted fairy tale designs - front

    Bring home some magic with this unique nesting doll set! Traditions combine in this set of 5  matryoshka (nesting) dolls featuring assorted designs of fairy tale stories. The dolls are delicately handpainted with traditional details and starts at 4...

  • Large matryoshka nesting doll set with Poppy Design hand crafted in Russia from Moscow Ballet

    This eye-catching matryoshka nesting doll set of 7 dolls starts at 8-inches tall, features beautiful poppy flowers, and is entirely hand lathed from Linden wood and handmade in Russia.

  • Assorted Color Matryoshka/Nesting Doll Magnet Set of 14 from Moscow Ballet

    Each of the fourteen matryoshka magnets in this set hold their own unique charm. Perfect as stocking stuffers or nutcracker party gifts. 3 1/2-inches tall

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