Nesting Dolls

Russian nesting dolls, also known as matryoshka, are the most popular Russian souvenir gift around the world. Moscow Ballet presents a wide variety of authentic Russian nesting dolls that vary in design and shapes, including floral and holiday. The perfect gift for family and friends of all ages! All of Moscow Ballet's nesting dolls are hand painted and come in a variety of doll counts.

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  • Beautiful Blue Floral Russian Matryoshka Nesting Doll Set

    Add some brightness to your home this spring with the baby blue nesting doll set of 5 pieces, starting at 7-inches. Hand-carved and hand-painted in Russia. Also known as Matryoshka dolls, this set is a perfect example of the Russian folkoric tradition...

  • Beautiful Purple and Gold Floral Nesting Doll Set

    The Beautiful Purple Nesting Doll is a 7-inch set of 5 wooden nesting dolls, hand-carved and hand-painted with care. Also known as Matryoshka dolls, this set is a perfect example of the Russian folkoric tradition. Snag it just in time for Christmas and...

  • Blue and White Flowers Winter Nesting Doll from Moscow Ballet

    Be whisked away to gorgeous scenes of winter with these blue and white flowers, just with less of the cold! Enjoy this set of 5 matryoshka dolls, starting at 7-inches tall, which are handmade and handpainted in Russia.

  • Green floral nesting doll set

    The Floral Nesting Doll is a 4-inch set of 5 dolls hand-painted with care and ready for your home or someone special's. Available in your choice of Green, Purple, Blue and Pink - collect them all to brighten up your festivities!

  • Moscow Ballet's set of 3 glass nesting doll Christmas tree ornaments

    This three-piece red nesting doll ornament set from Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker is the perfect addition to any family tree. Featuring three glass nesting dolls, hand-painted, descending in size with golden strings for hanging

  • Handkerchief blue Matryoshka/nesting doll set from Moscow Ballet

    This cute face nesting doll is holding a handkerchief. Hand-carved and hand-painted with gold sparkle detail, a 5 1/2-inch set of 5 wooden nesting dolls.

  • Matryoshka Cosmetic Bag from Moscow Ballet

    This beautiful tapestry cosmetic bag purse is lined with a zipper pull for closing. The matryoshka design is pictured on both side, in the Khokhloma style, and the bag measures 7-inches x 5-inch.

  • Assorted Color Matryoshka/Nesting Doll Magnet Set of 14 from Moscow Ballet

    Each of the fourteen matryoshka magnets in this set hold their own unique charm. Perfect as stocking stuffers or nutcracker party gifts. 3 1/2-inches tall

12 of 25 Items